Mark Carr

Sales Manager

Mark has gained diverse experience in the fishing industry as a local fish merchant and manager of his own fishing boat and through involvement in the Tasmanian Rock Lobster and the Southern Shark and Scale-fishery. Having created an excellent contact network across Southern Australia, Mark is able to bring together buyers and sellers to provide successful, professional and prompt asset sales.

Michael Coates

L.L.B, AlArbA(Juris)
Legal Contracting

As a lawyer based in Port Lincoln, Michael has had over thirty years legal experience and personal involvement with the Australian fishing industry. Michael has a comprehensive understanding of fisheries law and an extensive contact network with fisheries management, licencing, owners, investors and financiers. Michael will ensure that all legal contracting will be performed accurately and efficiently.

Sharlene Carr

Transfers and Settlements

Sharlene has had twenty years experience in the management of fishing assets in the southern fishing industries. She has valuable experience dealing with purchasers, vendors, licencing authorities, accountants and bankers. Sharlene will co-ordinate all transfer and settlement requirements to ensure the stress-free, accurate and punctual transfer of your fishing asset.

Meg Stevens

Office manager

Meg has had previous experience being involved in various marine industries locally. Having spent 9 years overseas she has a wealth of experience and knowledge and is dedicated the best outcome for our clients. Meg has excellent skills across the board including sales, advertising and administration ensuring accurate and efficient service when listing/sales with Southern Marine Brokers